About Us.

We have had over ten years experience in the children's education field. Our new premises are located close to the sea in a peaceful residential neighbourhood conveniently located in the Tanjong Bungah area. Our two storey detached property has a large surrounding garden with an ample natural outdoor play area.

Our teachers are qualified and experienced Montessori teachers and we have had a long standing relationship with The International Centre For Montessori Studies (ICMS) based in the UK. We have also run Montessori teacher training courses for a number of years in association with the ICMS. The principal of ICMS, Mrs Lesley Britton trained with Margaret Homfrey and Phoebie Child who were students of Dr Maria Montessori herself. Mrs Britton has written a number of books on the Montessori method and has been a leading figure in the UK Montessori movement since the 1970's.

Our international links do not stop there, as we also have a close relationship with The Chinese Montessori Society of China. Our international outlook gives us a wide overview on not just the founding principles of Montessori teachings but the current trends and initiatives from both the Eastern and Western perspectives.

Our goals are to:

  • Establish a student-centred environment with mixed-age groupings according to Montessori philosophy.
  • Establish an environment that allows children to develop order, concentration, coordination and independence using specialised Montessori materials and methodology.
  • Provide experiences that will foster a sense of responsibility to other members of the class, school and community.
  • Establish natural freedom of movement within a carefully prepared learning environment.
  • Establish and communicate specific opportunities for parents and community involvement.

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A view of our school.

Child working.

Child learning independently.

Sensorial Equipment.

Some Montessori equipment.

Group images of Montessori Kids.